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Yesterday I had yet another appointment..

I had an ultrasound and I got to see baby girl. She is 3.7 lbs. I am sliding into home base with a broken ankle.I  feel like I should be doing something, but I’m not. I still haven’t bought anything. I have not decorated a room for her. Nada. Having a broke ankle isn’t helping though. I am pretty much stuck at home. My doctor is not allowing me to return to work until I deliver. I’m okay with that. I am tired of that place and those people. To be honest, she has been the only person to look at what happened holistically. My job has no handicapped access. To get into our building you must use stairs. If anyone visits our office they can’t come inside unless they crawl. (Once, a man crawled to come inside) I have seen people trip all the time on the fancy marble floors.

I called my boss and let her know. She seemed okay with it. She is at a disadvantage because she is a supervisor that doesn’t know how or what I do. How can she delegate when she never made it a point to know the finer details? That is on her. If she got fired tomorrow, I could do her job.  She has known for months that I am pregnant. It isn’t my problem.  I think she is worried about me needing to be out longer than 12 weeks. If they want to fire a woman who just gave birth that is on their ass. It isn’t her problem. I can’t focus on that. Me delivering this child safely is my main concern. There have been too many shenanigans with this pregnancy. I am 90% sure THIS IS IT.

My husband has been excellent throughout my whole pregnancy. I could not have wished for a better partner. He has been taking care of me this entire time. He cleans the house and does all the cooking. When I take a shower he takes care of my foot. It is hard doing up this boot with this belly! Our girl is going to have such a good daddy. I don’t feel like I will have to worry about him helping with the baby. I can’t wait to see him hold her.

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  3. chasing-september said: I hope I have a partner like yours when I’m pregnant!
  4. ixamxdecadence said: I’m so late to this but CONGRATULATIONS!!! And honey don’t focus on anything else but you and the baby! <3
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