Rantings of Lady Sugatits Hoecakes

I'm grown, I write, I rant, I take pictures, and I talk shit. A bit of a music snob. ABW with a weird sense of humor.

This isn't a popularity contest

Oh you came out the womb being militant? Oh You fancy huh?

I am kind of laughing at all the people going off about Ronald Reagan on Twitter. Acting like they came out the womb all politically conscious. Come on now, your ass was a child when Reagan was in office. Some of them probably wasn’t even born yet. You were not thinking about that man and his drawbacks as a political leader when you were 5! Your ass was playing with toys and worrying the hell out of your mama with stupid ass questions! Not criticizing Reagan’s response to AIDS. All of this shit you are talking about are things you found out as an adult. With maturity comes the ability to reflect on your life and your place in the world outside of your own personal sphere of reference! You’re being extra and full of shit right now. Tone it down with your pretentious ass!

Educating folks is good but chile your ego is unbelievable.